What is Rp²?

With Rp², it is possible to centralise all the data regarding a company’s organisational structure, including corporate positions, functions and tasks, and use an extremely easy, intuitive interface to draw an organisational chart in no time at all.

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SharePoint integration

Available for all versions of SharePoint

The product is implemented on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, allowing data contained in Rp² and documents loaded on the SharePoint platform to be associated. A document management dashboard will make it possible to automatically view all the documents relating to a specific position, function or person.

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Practical example

Let’s assume that Mr Tom Green is hired to work in the sales Department of My Company Spa. On his first work day, he can log on toRp² to view all the documents associated to his new position as a sales  Department employee.

Rp² also acts as a data source. By integrating all personnel-related information, it can be queried by all the external software and applications requiring HR data to carry out business processes.

Characteristics of Rp²:

the main Characteristics of Rp²:

Web part

Rp² is built on a web part that can be added to the required page inside Sharepoint.

Drag and drop

The interface for organisation chart creation is according to the drag and drop logic.

Personalised view

It is possible to set the organisation chart display to only view the part of organisational structure connected to one’s specific work area.

Personalised dashboard

By connecting to SharePoint, users can check all the documents related to them according to positions within the company displayed on the document management dashboard.


Rp² keeps a log of all HR information

Business process

With Rp² it is possible not only to centralise HR information, but also to store all information regarding company processes.


Rp² enhances data security. It is possible to restrict sensitive document viewing to personnel holding certain positions within the company organisation.


Italian/English multilingual support

SharePoint Foundation

Also compatible with the SharePoint Foundation free version

Nintex integration

Integration with Workflow Nintex

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