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Works 1995 - 1999

- Recherche for double quartet (1995) - Audio   * * *   A poetical idea about Recherche by Raffaele Farina (1996)
- Mutter Morte for orchestra (1996) - Audio
- La pointe à la droite du coeur for piano (1996) - Audio
- Studio 4 for piccolo, E flat clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1997) - Audio
- The fairy's book covered in dew for piano and electronics (1998) - Audio
- Die zwei blauen Augen for soprano and violin (1999)
- Audio
analis - Requiem for 8-channel tape (1999)  - Audio from the CD SILENZIOSA LUNA  -  沈黙の月

Works 2000 - 2004  (selection)


- Passacaglia for piano (2000)
- Kaya for dancers, instruments, electronics and interactive computer music system (2000-2001)

Japanese window - Sesshu's Landscape 1495 for stereo tape and Japanese traditional dance (2000-2002) - loudspks.gif + Video
- Three lyrics of Kyoka Izumi for mezzo-soprano, tenor and orchestra (2001-2002) - Audio
analis - 
Più Mesto for 2-bow cello (2003) - Video  (6 Mb, QT)
Myosotis Triptych for choir, brass and percussion (2003)
analisanalis - 
Nuove Musiche per Biwa for two satsuma biwa players (2002-2004)loudspks.gif 
The Tunnel of Light for electronics (2004) + video by Shimpei Takeda (2005) - Video

Works 2005 - 2009  (selection)

- from Novissimi Motetti (work-in-progress) : Audivi Vocem for three voices (2006) - Video  (10 Mb, QT)
- Hamburg Groove - an indeterminate music (2006) - Audio
- Rosenleben I/b for Eb clarinet, cello and piano (2004-2006) - Audio
analisanalis Rosenleben II for bass clarinet, viola and piano (2004-2006) - Audio
Silenziosa luna [Chinmoku no tsuki] (jiutamai version) for one jiutamai dancer and two satsuma biwa players (2007-2008) - Video FULL VERSION (38 Mb, QT)
analis - Japanese window - Sesshu's Landscape 1495 (jiutamai version) for stereo tape and Japanese traditional dance (2007-2008) - Video FULL VERSION (40 Mb, QT)
Ugetsu for shakuhachi and guitar (2007-2008) - Audio from the CD SILENZIOSA LUNA  -  沈黙の月

Works 2010 - 2099  (selection)

New work for cello and orchestra (2005-2012, work in progress)    
Lachrimae for guitar (2008-2010) - Audio  Published by Ut Orpheus (CH 148),
  ISMN: 979-0-2153-1999-8, Bologna 2012    NEW.GIF   



(includes Boethius / Japanese window / Ugetsu / Nuove musiche per biwa / En la soledat i el silenci / Requiem / Audivi vocem / Through the looking-glass)
Yukio Tanaka, Norio Sato, Kumiko Shuto, Yosuke Irie, Ayako Shigenari
ALCD-76. ALM Records. Japan 2008. CD
JAN: 4530835108160


Electroacoustic music
in "Music and Play"
Centrum Sztuki Dziecka w Poznaniu, Poland 2009. DVD

Electroacoustic music
in "60x60"
VN-001. Vox Novus. USA 2007. CD

Electroacoustic music
in "15 Biennale Sztuki dla Dziecka"
Centrum Sztuki Dziecka w Poznaniu
Teatr Polskiego Radia, Rockers Publishing. Poland 2005. CD

Ensemble Laboratorio Vocale Ottantasette / Cond. Paola Urbinati
in "Acqua"
Nowhere. Italy 2004. CD-DVD

Ensemble Aleph
in "3rd International Forum of Young Composers"
CIRM (Centre National de Création Musicale), SACEM. France 2004. CD
ISBN 2-9516440-6-X



Riflettendo: Dieci domande a Carlo Forlivesi  [Thinking: Ten questions to Carlo Forlivesi]
in "Oltre il progetto", by Ivana Riggi
Aracne Editrice, Rome 2011
Language: Italian
ISBN 978-88-548-4370-7

- C. Forlivesi, Changing Perspectives on Musical Syncretism Between the West and Japan
カルロ・フォルリベジ 「東」の音と「西」の音 あわせることは可能か?—西洋と日本の音楽的「習合」のための試論 
in "RATIO special issue - 音楽"  [ ONGAKU ]  (MUSIC)
Kodansha, Tokyo 2010
Language: Japanese
ISBN 978-4-06-216493-1

- C. Forlivesi, A FOX STORY – The Creative Collaboration Between Takahashi Yūji and Tomiyama Taeko
in "Imagination Without Borders", edited by L. Hein and R. Jennison

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2010
Language: English
ISBN 978-1-929280-63-6 (paper)
ISBN 978-1-929280-62-9 (cloth)

- C. Forlivesi / Lev Koblyakov, Boethius in the Heart of Biwa
Lev KOBLYAKOV talks to Carlo FORLIVESI, Part 1
in "Giappone. Tutela e conservazione di antiche tradizioni" - 日本  古木伝統の保護と保存 - Japan. The protection and conservation of ancient traditions
Edizioni PLUS, Pisa University Press 2010
Language: English, Japanese, Italian
EAN 9788884927132

- C. Forlivesi, Creative Research on Japanese Traditional Instruments and Dance, 2008 - 2009. Biwa / Koto / Jiutamai
新しい音楽への可能性としての日本伝統舞踊と日本伝統楽器の研究 − 2
Rohm Music Foundation Research Fellowship, Kyoto 2009
Available online for free browsing
Language: English, Japanese

- C. Forlivesi, The Traditional Music of the Ainu - New Approaches and Findings
Report on a research project on Ainu music, Hokkaido, Japan 2004

Journal of
Comparative Cultures NO. 16
Sapporo University, Sapporo 2005
Language: English
ISSN 1346-6844
Available online for free browsing

Semiotic liaisons / Liaisons sémiotiques. Interview with Carlo Forlivesi
Makis Solomos,  in "The Logbook"
Centre de Documentation de la Musique Contemporaine (CDMC), Paris 2004
Language: English, French
Available online for free browsing
English version / French version / Japanese version / 日本語

- C. Forlivesi / Noriyuki Tsuji, Kaya - The Sunset
in "Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residence Support Program Document"
Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residency Program Administration Committee, Yamaguchi 2001
Language: English, Japanese

- C. Forlivesi,
Oeuvre musicales, Cahier d'exploitation
Editions IRCAM - Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 1998
Language: English, French

- C. Forlivesi, Musica e Utopia  [Music and Utopia]
in "Terza Pagina", 6/V
Editrice La Mandragora, Bologna 1996
Language: Italian

- C. Forlivesi, Quasi come un niente
Edizioni Veronesi, Bologna 1994
Language: Italian




Matteo Veronesi, "Carlo Forlivesi Poeta Musicus"
Liber Liber, October 2008 Italy

∆, "Carlo Forlivesi. New music for traditional instruments"
Hogaku, March 2008 Japan

Setsuo Suwa, “Carlo Forlivesi. Ensou katsudou shien. Yamaha ongaku shien seido ni tsuite. Shien taisyousya ni kiku” [Support for performing activity. Yamaha Music Support Programme. Interview with the winners - Carlo Forlivesi]
Ongaku Gendai, August 2003 Japan

∆, “Carlo Forlivesi. Yamaha ongaku shien seido” [Carlo Forlivesi. Yamaha Music Support Programme]
YMF Yamaha Music Foundation, July 2003 Japan


LIVE CONCERTS  (selection)

Carlo Forlivesi conducts:
 - H. Schutz, Meine Seele (Magnificat) -
 Audio  2010

Carlo Forlivesi plays:

 - Simone Serra, Duo
- Audio  1994
 - W.A. Mozart, Piano concerto N. 18 in B flat major K. 456
 - Audio 1990
- Claudio Monteverdi, Si dolce è il tormento - Audio  2000
- Claudio Monteverdi, O quam pulcra - Audio  2010
- Alessandro Grandi, Cantabo Domino - Audio
- Girolamo Frescobaldi, Partite su La Follia
 - Audio
- W.A. Mozart, Sonata da Chiesa K317c (
Cadence: Carlo Forlivesi) - Audio
- Girolamo Frescobaldi, Messa della Madonna (from Fiori Musicali)
 - Audio