The oncoming of my onward path

Soft aim of my time,
do you know how much in my little veins the love inspires?
Still I'm wishing, still desiring you:
black and deep, like a Scottish lake, are your eyes.

I want to kiss your cheeks again,
and tonight,
I would like to offer my hands
as a pillow for your graceful youth,
your small troubles,
your mouth,
the tiredness of my subtle dreams.

You are my lovely earth,
full of lilies white,
I'm upon a blade of grass,
it's my only anchor between the two of us.

it's the oncoming of my onward path,
I can lose myself in the lands,
without looking up.

C.    F.


This symbol, named ROTA, represents the wheel of the modes
(from the musical treatise LUX BELLA by Domingo Marcos Duran, Sevilla, 1492)


(Background music: William Byrd (1539-1623), Pavane)