What is SearchPoint?

SearchPoint extends basic SharePoint search functions, allowing users to obtain access to information in a quick, timely manner

Why should I use SearchPoint?

With its fast user interface, SearchPoint enables to choose the focus of one’s search (all the contents of one site, or alternatively, a single information set) and to filter information according to Sharepoint field values, quickly achieving the desired result. Thanks to component flexibility, it is also possible to configure the obtained result presentation mode.




The main characteristics

SharePoint integration

Webpart compatible with all SharePoint versions, including the free   SharePoint Foundation version.


Italian/English multilingual support


Possibility of searching a whole Sharepoint site or specifying  individual Document library or Lists

Personalised results

Possibility of configuring SharePoint search results, by specifying which Sharepoint fields to display

Number of results

Possibility of configuring the returned number of elements for each page

Group of results

Possibility of grouping and ordering search results.

Excel export

Possibility of exporting results to Excel

Trial version

You can try the trial version for 30 days.

SearchPoint video tour

SharePoint searching has never been this accurate

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